Theme Setting & Props

We love a good theme ! its so amazing to turn a blank canvas into a totally transformed event. Over the many years we have been producing themed installations i think our favourite has got to be “underwater” makes everyone go WOW…. that and Enchanted Forest, makes you feel like a small person again.

we have lots of theme sets and are always keen to lake more, Current theme sets we have..


Themed Event Packages – just click here for costs

Alice in wonderland
Red blue and white drapes
Large rose trees, mad hatters glittery sign, jam tarts, playing cards, giant mushrooms,
large clock and chain, sweets and cakes, alice silouette, giant red shoe seat
Arabian nights
Shades of deep red and gold cloth drapes
Large palm trees, desert oasis, Bedouin tent booths, cushions, large pots and baskets,
large lanterns, flying carpets, palace scene
Black and white Ball
black and white satin and voile cloth drapes
black and white feather masks, white roman pillars, black and white flitter glitter stars,
white trees, black chandeliers, black and white feather hoops,
Bond 007
Cloth drapes in black red and white
Large 007 gold glitter logos, gun barrel backdrop, gold glitter bond ladies, bullion bars,
martini glasses, bond flats, casino signs and playing cards
Cloth drapes in bright pink orange gold and red
Saris, draped gazebos, palm trees, palm fans, palm leaves, flower garlands,
bollywood sign, Taj mahal scenery, gold pots and beads, elephants, reed screens
Cloth drapes in reds and golds
Feather fans, large ostrich feather mobiles, large windmill sign, Moulin rouge sign, girls
sign, ornate swings, velvet mobile screens, giant red roses, gold mock mirrors, red
Casino / Vegas
red and gold cloth drapes
giant playing cards, dice, large glittery dollar signs and dollar bills, casino sign,
cacti and palm trees, giant palm leaves gold roman pillars, gambling signs
Circus / funfair
Cloth drapes in red white and blue
Lions in cages, acrobat flats, festoon, bunting, giant magicians hat and wand, trapese
and net. Ringmaster manaquin, balloon clusters, funfair signs, helta skelta. Striped tents
Funky Disco
Purple red and silver drapes
Glitter curtain, platform boots, mirror balls, rope light disco signs, assorted sparkle
stars, mirror mobiles, lava lamps, glittered musical notes
Fire and ice
white and ice blue / red and orange cloth drapes
snowflakes, icicles, ice panels, icicle strings, icicle lights, white glitter twigs
flame machines, horns, flame fabric batons, flame solar projection, large devil tails, flame banners
Midsummer dream
Shades of green and gold cloth drapes
large shimmer flowers, flower garlands, trees, glittery large leaves, toadstools, hanging branches,
twinkle lights and sparkle stars, fresh ivy trails and garlands
Gangster and molls / speakeasy
black, white and silver cloth
large black and white metropolis building flats, gangster cut outs, buick cut out, flapper girls, tommy
guns, large feather fans, large tassel lampshades, bullet holes, glitter stars, feather boas
Hollywood Oscars
black satin, black voile gold satin and gold lame cloth drapes
2 giant oscars in gold, 1940’s film banners, celebrity cut outs, silver and gold stars, clapperboards,
hollywood signs, film reels and reel banners. Giant follow spot and camera red carpet
Heaven and Hell
Cloth drapes in white and sky blue
3D carved clouds, cherubs and angels, cloud cushions, cloud scenery, cloud banners,
white roman pillars, white swings, flower garlands, small white birds, pearly gates
Cloth drapes in red orange and black
Giant floor horns, flame machines, flame cloth, red lights, devil faces, 30ft devil padded tail,
skeletons and coffins, devil mobile tails, hellfire sign, hanging flames, large chains
Cloth drapes in red black and silver
Large red and pink lanterns with tassles Red and black square voile screens, parasols, butterflies,
blossom tree silouettes, gold glitter letter mobiles dragon heads,
Cloth drapes in black and deep red
8ft book cases, wall hanging book cases, standard lamps, giant reading chair, gold mock mirrors,
large gold frames, giant books, tassel shades, chaise long lamp posts and sign posts gates and railings
Mardi gras / carnival
Cloth drapes in green red and liquid gold
Large feather fans, palm trees, giant cocktails and fruit, costumed manaquins, large palm leaf mobiles,
bright feather masks, carnival signs pompom fans streamers carnival walk throgh arch
Masquerade Ball
gold and purple satin cloth drapes with gold foil
large feather and beaded masks, small assorted masks, large and small feather fans, gold beads, gold
roman pillars, gold glitter garlands, ornate frames, masked ball sign, bird cages with masked heads
cloth drapes in black, purple and gold
10ft castle turrets, large stone wall panels, castle arches, hanging flames, stone pelmets,
hanging cloth pelmets, large gold frames, shields and swords, large cndel sticks, massive candles,
New york / Big apple
Cloth drapes in red white and blue
American flags, statue liberty cut out, skyline banners, sky line building flats, large apple,
new york sign, street signs,
cloth drapes in white black gold
100’s of Assorted large and small stars in silver and gold – floor flames – winner Banners
Playboy   [popular at eaaster for a twist on bunnys…]
Cloth drapes in red pink and silver
Large silver glitter play boy bunnmy heads, mirror balls, red and pink feather hoop mobiles, silver and
red glitter stars, glitter managiuns in feather head dresses, bunny girl cutouts in silver glitter 5ft,
large round bed with silver cushions.
Colour theme parties
any coloured draping and matching lighting with associated mobiles screens and flats.
Roman Toga Party
Assorted white cloth drapes with gold foil
white roman pillars, roman carved heads, male torso busts, grecian ladie statues, white vase and
fountain, large pots and vases, gold grapes and purple grapes and vines, gold and white garlands.
Cloth drapes in blue white and gold
Deck chairs, put your face through photo boards, lamp posts, to the beach sign, large shells,
stick of rock, festoon lights, naughty post cards, life rings, wave flats, palm trees, candyfloss and
clairvoyant and ride signs, giant ice creams and lollies., seagulls, parasols, fluffy clouds.
Showtime Theatre
Cloth drapes in red and Gold with red velour theatre drapes
Large Music Hall shoiwtime stage set, gold glittered show girl manaquins, old gold frames with
music hall posters, musical notes, sparkling gold and red stars.
Strictly ballroom
Cloth drapes in red and silver
Assorted mirror balls, twinkle lights, sparkle stars, ballroom signs, large gliittery shoe,
glitter curtain, large musical notes.
Tea party
Cloth drapes in pink white and pale blue
Assorted sweets and cakes and jam tarts, lolipops, bubble gum and chequered curtained windows.
Tropical beach
Cloth drapes in green and gold
Palm trees and palm tree flats, beach banners, large palm leaves, tropical flower garlands, hessian
screens, surfboards, cocktails, parasols, love island sign, fruit slices, wave flats, lantern lights.
Wild West Barn Dance
Brown gold red and white cloth drapes
Old barn windows, old wood planks and panels, wanted posters, wagon wheels, cacti, gingham curtains,
bunting, cowboy boots, wild west sign, golden nugget saloon, large barn sacks and rats.
Willy Wonka
Green purple orange gold drapes
large sweet trees wonka gates and posts golden tickets wonka bars large sweets giant daisys
picket fence   bubblegum candy canes small birds fake grass chaise long.
Other items we may be able to help you with:
Themed Table Centers
Chair covers and sashes
Halloween ask for detials – -we have loads!!

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